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    @bobokitty hey, you will have to wait until you receive a notification from DHL. DHL is the courier that HMPO has contracted to send out passports overseas. I read some previous posts here and also got this info from the advice line on Friday.

    Mine was also shipped out last Friday, but when I called back Friday afternoon it was still sitting in their post room. Meaning it’ll probably be done on Monday! Give it a week I’d say to reach you.

    Until DHL actually collects the passport they won’t have any shipping and/or tracking information for you.

    Good Life

    Hi @Bobokitty
    Congratulations…what a journey eh?
    I tried this very useful link kindly posted by @RayClarke for DHL which avoids account setting :

    A very helpful link for applicants from abroad to get a tracking number from DHL using their applications number

    It brought up tracking info via my mediapad but not by accessing the site via my phone for some reason.
    If you sctoll through the section with regards to Live Tracking, select the dates from when you made your initial submission and current date, then enter your PEX number without breaks and minus the “PEX”.
    For my application, I received the HMPO “Passport being Printed” message on 13th June but this wasn’t collected by DHL until 16th June. From there I tracked its way over to France.
    Best of luck!!


    I have tried tracking with application number, does not show anything
    Anywhere 🙁


    Hi @bobokitty like I mentioned before you won’t find anything yet. DHL will send YOU an email with the details once it’s available. Please be patient, we’ve been patient this long 😄 it will arrive soon!

    I’ve been entering my PEX number like crazy into DHL tracking since Friday and nothing appears.. it’s because they’ve not created a waybill yet for us. Once it gets collected, scanned and shipped DHL will email you with the information! Don’t worry


    On 23 June CYA wrote that the only guarantee of getting a passport more quickly was to wait six weeks and then with flights booked within 48 hours to attend at a passport office and that it worked for him and everyone he knows. He received a bit of abuse saying it didn’t work etc. However, I can confirm that it DOES indeed work as it’s just happened to my son who is off to Majorca tomorrow. So guys if you’re in the UK and your passport application has been received for at least 6 weeks and you’ve got proof of flights within 48 hours then you should be able to get it. They did ask for proof of accommodation but as he’s staying in my apartment they accepted that. Good luck everyone


    @Nimmy have you received tracking info yet ?! Still nothing on this end!!! Starting to get worried


    @bobokitty Hey! No I have not yet. But don’t worry, based on the previous posts here it seems like it takes around 3-4 days for a DHL pickup to occur from the HMPO, from the time the tracker shows our passports are printed. Fingers crossed it won’t take upto 3 weeks to receive our documents , but I’m sure it’ll be soon!


    @Nimmy oh my!!! 3 weeks?! Ugh I am praying it doesn’t!!! We were really hoping to have it in our hands by end of this week or beginning of next 😞


    @Nimmy just got the notification! It should arrive Friday!!! Fingers crossed !!!


    Awesome ! I got a notification today to via my cellphone .. it shows eta July 4! Fingers crossed we’re almost at the finish line 😀


    @Nimmy excellent news!!! Will post once received!!!


    Type: Child’s First Passport
    From: Singapore
    Method: Online
    Passport Office: HMPO Durham

    Our application tracking page previously stated this:

    Application being processed 3:59pm on 22 April 2022
    Documents received 9:44am on 21 April 2022
    < FedEx confirmed documents delivered and signed 1st April 2022 >
    Application received 10:58am on 29 March 2022
    Identity details received 10:57am on 29 March 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 1:41pm on 28 March 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 1:01am on 17 March 2022
    Application submitted 1:01am on 17 March 2022

    However checking the status now the “Application being processed” line has vanished. The latest entry is just “Documents received”. It has been 10 weeks since “documents received” already and no movement.

    We had travel planned/booked in May, we went through the whole upgrade process only to be told it is not available for overseas applications. We went through the “Emergency Travel Document” process with the Consulate but were denied, and then denied again on appeal.

    My son is eligible for a Chinese travel document, which we’ve already applied for and received in just two weeks. Now he needs a Visit Visa despite being British by birth. The whole situation is a bit of a joke now.


    @Nimmy passport received today!!!! Now awaiting the ETA. Not sure what the hold up is with that either as I thought they were instant!!!


    Great to hear people are getting their passports. We are currently at 19 weeks since application submitted, 11 weeks since documents officially received (after sitting in their mailroom for 4 weeks), 5 weeks since tracking shows our additional information was received. The passport is not needed for travel but the length of time this is taking is crazy. I am grateful that they only asked for a colour photocopy of my husband’s other passport, not the original, as we travel to the UK in 4 weeks, but were hoping his passport would be here by then – and as it stands I can’t see it ever arriving. My son’s application is a couple of days behind his father’s but is dependent on the same document and they do have his birth certificate and passport. I don’t even feel as though there’s much point in my husband phoning again as they will no doubt tell him the same thing they told him 2 weeks ago the last time he phoned.

    Ian Estonia

    Applied online April 7..sent documents to Durham same day, signed for on April 20 but not acknowledged until May 11..3 week wait!! Can’t sell my house here in Greece…can’t do anything until it comes…Does anyone remember Brian in The Magic Roundabout..? He’s working in Durham 🤣

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