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    That’s great news @bobokitty!


    Application history
    Identity details received: 8:02pm on 24 April 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity: 7:44pm on 24 April 2022
    Person not eligible: 7:30pm on 24 April 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity: 7:26pm on 24 April 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity: 7:25pm on 24 April 2022
    Application submitted: 7:25pm on 24 April 2022

    No further updates since this date.

    We have sent emails to the Durham upgrades email as we were requested to do but no response. We are supposed to travel in 11 days, not looking promising!


    Does anyone know how long it takes between being approved and receiving passport over seas? Says it went to print 9:34am June 23.


    @bobokitty that’s amazing news! Mine also got approved this morning, so grateful 🥲 I believe it’s best to give maybe 1-2 week timeline based on how things have been going so far. Apparently once it’s in printing it’s super fast and it’s sent to us (overseas) via DHL. There’s a DHL tracking link that I assume would get sent to us too. Just based on previous posts above.


    FYI anyone joining this forum now, it would appear for Overseas First Adult Applicants, the timeline to get to printing the passport is roughly 10-12 weeks from the date ALL your documents show as received in the HMPO tracker system online.

    I am solely basing this off of myself and another overseas applicant who also had their documents received a few days before mine. Mine were shown as received in the system on April 16, and as of today June 23 passport has been sent for printing.

    Will update accordingly once it’s been shipped out. Fingers crossed we can make our vacation in August !!


    Passport printed and sent!!! Will update when received!


    So happy you both have your passport sorted, really hope even though mine is a uk renewal I follow the same time line. 11 weeks on Sunday and fly in just over 3 weeks time. Hope your passports arrive with you very soon.


    Anyone know what company delivers the new passports from UK to USA? And do they email you with tracking ? Or how do you track it ?


    Reply to #18058 @Nimmy my own overseas experience for a passport renewal completed on line digital with a selfie photo was 5,5 weeks from application to passport received submitted 5th May received 15th June

    hope this gives some people hope when applying from overseas, although I did contact the British consulate
    stating my case as I needed to travel urgently.


    Standard adult online overseas renewal from Saudi Arabia:

    Application submitted on 9 May 2022
    Old passport sent via DHL on 9 May 2022
    Old passport signed for at Durham on 11 May 2022
    Documents received on 31 May 2022
    Application approved on 8 June 2022
    New passport printed on 10 June 2022
    New passport collected by DHL 14 June 2022
    New passport delivered 16 June 2022
    Old passport collected by DHL 23rd June
    Old passport delivered 25th June


    Does HMPO send tracking info when they send new passport?? Or how do I know what company and when to expect it?


    I believe dhl deliver internationally. Hmpo won’t send you a tracking number. Usually you will get a text/email from the courier on the day of delivery. Try using your PEX number as the reference number without the PEX part, just the numbers.


    Hi all

    My son went to Peterborough Passport Office last week and they told him that if comes back after 6 weeks (which was Friday) then providing that he had proof of flights within 48 hours then they would be able to process it and print it that day. He’s flying on Wednesday morning and is going back to Peterborough tomorrow to (hopefully) get it. Does anyone know how much the upgrade fee is?

    I’ll let you know how he gets on


    Reply to #18088 @bobokitty download the DHL express app and add your address to open an account thus way you will receive exact notification from DHL of you passport journey, your PEX number probably will not work as DHL use a different tracking number


    Thank you! Unfortunately nothing is coming up..
    Perhaps it will tomorrow since I believe it was shipped out Friday…

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