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    Hi Kelso, I’m still waiting for mine to be printed. Approved at 6.49pm 17th so tonight will be 6 calendar days since approval. Hopefully it will be printed today but concerning it’s taking ages for tracking info as well.


    Darren & Kelso – Have either of you received tracking info yet and is yours printed Kelso? Just trying to gauge how worried I should be that I cant track yet but I fly a week tomorrow…. I received the printed email at 4am on 22nd. Was hoping it wouldn’t be much longer!


    Hi Rush 0686 & Kelso / everyone else,

    I’ve just received notification this morning.
    Passport printed at 10.19 24th March.

    Therefore 7 calendar days since approved.
    Looks like I’ll be having a further wait for TNT / tracking info.

    Hopefully you all get yours through in time.


    Hi All, passport arrived this morning with zero comms from TNT and no update from HMPO to say it had been sent.

    Full timeline:
    Passport Received approx 11am 25th March
    Passport printed 10:19am on 24 March 2022
    Application approved 6:49pm on 17 March 2022
    Documents received 1:37pm on 15 March 2022
    Application received 7:31pm on 1 March 2022
    Application submitted7:31pm on 1 March 2022

    Hopefully this helps and anyone waiting hopefully you’ll get your passports soon.


    Hi All just read an interesting post on the Liverpool office.

    It turns out you don’t need a tracking ref from TNT you can use your application ref.
    I didn’t bother clicking on the Tracking link Sent by HMPO due to the wording in the email and text as it says TNT will provide tracking details.

    Your new passport has been printed, and will be transferred to our delivery supplier in the next few days. In most cases it will be delivered by TNT delivery services. When it’s ready for delivery, they will contact you with a tracking reference.

    Find out more including if you need to be at home when TNT deliver: https://www.tnt.com/campaign/en_gb/hmpo.html


    To track your item, please enter your postcode:

    Postcode *


    Now enter either your Application reference or TNT reference number to make sure we find the correct item:

    TNT reference number


    Application reference



    Submitted application to Hemel Hempstead office on March 10th, passport was delivered and signed for using the Royal Mail service but was not marked as received on government website until March 23rd. Starting to stress a little at the delays, has anyone experienced something similar?


    Final update from me as I now have passport in hand! This forum has been very helpful!
    Worth noting that I never received anything from TNT with regards to tracking and was just checking the site myself with the PEX code.

    Passport Received in hand – 3pm Monday 28th March 2022
    Passport Tracking on TNT – Thursday 24th March 2022
    Passport printed 4:52am on 22 March 2022
    Application approved 1:14pm on 17 March 2022
    Documents received 6:29am on 15 March 2022
    Documents signed for (Royal Mail) 2nd March 2022
    Application received 4:23pm on 28 February 2022
    Identity details received 4:23pm on 28 February 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:18am on 23 February 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 8:57am on 23 February 2022
    Application submitted 8:57am on 23 February 2022


    Hi all,

    I sent my old passport to the following address via recorded delivery but the delivery is still showing out for delivery since Monday and nothing has updated on the passport tracking, also when googling the address it doesn’t seem to bring much up, is this the same address others have sent their old passport to?

    HM Passport Office
    Three Cherry Trees Lane
    Hemel Hempstead
    HP2 7HQ



    Hi Johnmc
    I sent mine to the same address as you recorded tracked first class on saturday and it is still showing on royal mail as at the delivery office. However, i just got a text this morning from HM passport office stating it has been received.


    Thanks Melaanie, yeah I got a text this morning too saying it was at the passport office so I can stop stressing now, royal mail still shows as out for delivery so guess its an issue with the tracking info. I sent my children’s yesterday and royal mail has updated today as delivered but they both went to a different address again so might just be a thing with royal mail and the hemel Hempstead office.


    Hi guys here is my application timeline:

    Passport received 10:43am on 13/04/2022
    Passport printed 2:17am on 08/04/2022
    Application approved 9:06pm on 01/04/2022
    Documents received 5:03pm on 17/03/2022
    Documents sent first class recorded delivery on 04/03/2022
    Application received 12:40pm on 02/03/2022
    Application submitted 12:39pm on 02/03/2022

    – My supporting documents were actually physically delivered by royal mail on 05/03/2022 but HMPO seems to take a long time to process the receipt of your documents.
    – Something HMPO don’t tell you is that the processing time (up to 10 weeks) does not start from when they phyiscally receive the supporting documents but from when they say they’ve received them.
    – The processing time also does not include any time it takes for your documents to get there.
    – A lot of the employees at HMPO are very unhelpful and will tell you that they can’t give you any further information.
    – You can arrange with TNT to pick up your passport from your local depot, you just need to call their number (0800 100600) and give the autonmated bot the wrong information several times and they’ll put you through to a human.
    – Something else HMPO does not tell you is that once your passport is marked as “printed” there are potentially several additional days of waiting as they need to package all the passports for delivery, this means that once “printed” it is not actually ready to be dispatched yet.
    – I received no information from HMPO or TNT about tracking numbers or when my passport was going to be delivered, I had to find that out myself by using TNT’s tracking page (you can enter your passport reference number to track it here: https://delivery.tnt.com/tracking).
    – My passport was posted to me without them asking for my signature it was just sent through my letterbox.
    – I was told by TNT that Monday – Saturday TNT drivers pick up passports throughout the day with the final collection at 5:30 PM, this means that if there is no information on your passport on their tracking page by 5:30 PM it has not yet been picked up by TNT.

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    Good evening everyone!

    Applied February 21st. Documents signed for on February 25th but only acknowledged on March 15th. No update since then, and we’ve subsequently had to cancel a holiday which was due to depart today, April 18th. This was a ‘simple’ renewal of an adult passport for a 78 year old! No replies to emails and phonecalls go unanswered. Any tips? No longer time-critical now we’ve missed our trip but this continues to be a shocking service.


    Hi all,

    My timeline below for adult renewal, only took 17 days from start to finish.

    New passport received 12:02pm on 19th April 2022
    Passport printed 3:16am on 14 April 2022
    Application approved 10:17pm on 7 April 2022
    Documents received 9:33am on 7 April 2022
    Application received 10:47am on 2 April 2022
    Application submitted 10:46am on 2 April 2022


    Here’s my timetable for an adult renewal. My child’s first passport through Liverpool is a lot slower so far!

    Application history
    Passport printed 1:28pm on 11 April 2022
    Application approved 2:27am on 6 April 2022
    Documents received 7:23am on 5 April 2022
    Application received 2:12pm on 29 March 2022
    Application submitted 2:12pm on 29 March 2022

    Passport was in my hands on 14 April.

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