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    I have our child renewals back!
    Submitted 8th September
    Identity Checked 10th September
    Documents received 17th September
    Approved 7th October
    Delivered 11th October – today

    Woohoo……thank goodness; won’t be cutting it this fine again!
    Hope everyone gets sorted – this site has been invaluable!
    Definitely think that ringing the number given to me the other day helped…..lady in the phone was lovely as well


    Hi am I crazy to think I’ll have my first adult passport in time for a trip abroad on November 17? Was under the impression based on an FB group I’m in for new British citizens that it takes 3-4 weeks based on timelines people were giving. I submitted my application on October 4, sent documents on October 6 and got notification that the documents were received October 13. I sent a message on HM Passport twitter account asking about processing times and they said average for first adult passport is 7 weeks but can take up to 10! Am I totally screwed?? Please give me some hope – sent documents to office in Bootle.


    Hi Caroline, did you have to send in any other supporting documents namely birth certificates as this is what I’ve been hearing?? I hope they don’t ask that. Sent off to bootle


    No, I didn’t able to send any supporting info such as birth certificates etc.
    However, as they were child renewals I’d already had to send a birth certificate with their first passport – so presumably they still have this on file?
    In a positive, both Durham and Liverpool seem to be working on the same 20 day turnaround from documents received. Hope you get it back in time…


    Caroline, what was the number that helped you please? We are in the same situation.


    0300 123 1973


    What is the number please as I cannot see it? TIA x


    Bootle: From documents received to approval it was 2 weeks. From application submitted it was 3 weeks. They have printed it out and now sending it hopefully this week!


    LIVERPOOL : Update for an OVERSEAS Child Renewal, for anyone looking for current data..!

    Application Submitted: 13 October
    Documents received : 19 October
    Application being Processed : 19 October
    Application Approved : 22 November
    Passport Printed & Sent : 22 November

    now awaiting delivery

    40 days. Assume around 45 days, by the time new passport arrives.


    Anyone waiting on a Adult passport renewal from Bootle? Wondering what dates they are working off at the minute thanks


    @william452 Yes I submitted mine on the 4th November and had it by the 27th November if you have completed it online you will be in a digital que so you are looking around 24 days to receive your new passport. It was approved on the 24th and sent the next day.


    I sent my documents on the 18th October, until now my application is being processed… Any help ?

    Application being processed 12:25pm on 11 November 2021
    Documents received 3:07pm on 22 October 2021
    Application received 4:05pm on 18 October 2021
    Identity details received 4:05pm on 18 October 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 4:00pm on 18 October 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 11:11pm on 14 October 2021
    Application submitted 11:11pm on 14 October 2021

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    As of today still waiting. Requested fast track 7 days ago at the suggestion of the service center, not even a single response from anyone.

    Application history

    Documents received 10:42am on 12 November 2021

    Application received 9:27am on 2 November 2021

    Identity details received 9:27am on 2 November 2021

    Email sent to person confirming your identity 7:50am on 2 November 2021

    Ask someone to confirm your identity 7:48pm on 31 October 2021

    Application submitted 7:48pm on 31 October 2021


    Anyone have any updates when they got their passport?

    put my application in on 12/01/2022 docs received 19/01/2022 and waiting for next update. Still early on but feeling super anxious about it getting back in time for holiday on 31st March


    I applied for my adult renewal on the 4th January, with a name change,it was back within 22 days, would have been five days sooner but I had to resubmit my photo a couple of times

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