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    Hi all,

    I have just been on the phone to the Customer Service Management Team.

    Apparently due to the big backlog in passports and it starting to hit the news (a few news articles today) they have realsed a new upgrade path for applications today!

    If you can prove you are traveling within two weeks you are able to pay to upgrade. We got told to email a specific new upgrade team email adress stating various things and get contacted to pay and get fast tracked.

    Personally we do not travel in two weeks time but I thought I would share with this fourm. Also you seem to get told 101 different things, so would be useful to know if anyone else also got told this!

    The person on the phone said no doubt there will be teething problems and is not free.

    If you are traveling within two weeks or about to, I would call up and ask about this serivce.

    If you have any sucess please do let me know!


    I was on the phone the complaints team today. 3hrs 15 mins on hold. She told me the same thing. Upgrade if travelling within 14 days.

    It’s an infuriating process. My application has been from Liverpool to London and now it’s in Belfast.

    I sent a letter in today to cancel my application and booked FT appointment. I’m sick of the stress. Keeping me awake at night 😞

    Application being processed 1:22pm on 6 April 2022
    Use paper form to confirm identity 8:08pm on 15 March 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 7:13pm on 15 March 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 4:56pm on 14 March 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 1:51pm on 14 March 2022
    Documents received 2:26pm on 10 March 2022
    Application received 9:44pm on 2 March 2022
    Application submitted 9:44pm on 2 March 2022


    My Passport has been with them for 3 weeks (having sent recorded delivery and it was signed for the next day), but they have not acknowledged receipt yet. This new service could be my lifeline and i will be straight on to them when I hit the 2 weeks mark. Interesting that they are offering this given the official guidance is to not book any travel! Hope it works and/or doesn’t delay existing operations further. Thank you for the heads up! Anybody else not able to get the hold music out of there head!

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    Infuriating and unbelievable the same time… they cant speed things up when you ask, when everything is there but now they can by putting this in place. Where are they getting the staff if they cant process normally. Speaking for everyone who has been stressed over receiving their passports over the months and holidays lost or extra paid to move them. I know of the premuim service, this sounds similar. I personally couldn’t do premium with it being a lost renewal.
    My recent experience was yet another call yesterday after being advised on Friday to call back wed (couldn’t call today hense yesterday) if i hadnt heard anything. Been sitting in processing since 01/03…..was basically told there’s nothing they could do as if it approved (said maybe a cpl of days) it would go to Central printing which from experience sits there for 1 week (my sons did) before printed, then there’s FedEx to pick up adding more time. We fly next week. He asked 1 question that no one else did to confirm things after numerous phone calls. I begged and pleaded for local printing, trying allsorts but he was having none of it, I would have paid the extra! It resulted in me having a major panic attack…. i thought I was having a heart attack as its never happened before….then last night 7.47pm it got approved and probably sitting in central printing queue now 😭 and wondering whether I’ll get it on time. Doubt it.
    Not sure I can face another call at min tbh.
    Good luck everyone, hopefully this is a step in the right direction to lesson stresses and anxieties.


    Hi. I too have been made aware of this service today and it’s music to my ears. We are supposed to be flying to Tenerife on 16th April. We sent away for my sons first passport on 25th Feb and it’s been stuck in the processing stage for weeks. Customer service team no help at all until I had an absolute breakdown on the phone today. After I ended the call I received a call back 5 minutes later telling me about this new service. To be honest I would pay any amount to get this passport back and to be able to fly next week so I am keeping everything crossed that they respond to my email requesting an upgrade soon so it comes back in time! Appalled with the passport service so far, the fact that people I know have applied after me and received their child’s first passport is beyond frustrating. The whole system needs looking at. Let’s hope this upgrade service is a bit better!


    I did try calling again to see if I can come out of Central and upgrade, not sure if it’s possible but worth the last resort try after no success with anyone else….for our travel on 13th. On hold for over an hour then cut off 8.05pm, knew I would as the lines shut at 8 so gonna call again forst thing My sons passport is due to arrive tomorrow…..its just mine thats the hold up now. Thanks for posting @travellingsoon12

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    Where is your application? I have been given the email address to upgrade at Belfast if that helps? You can send them an email and attach your confirmation of travel documents and information about your passport application to request an upgrade. I’ve emailed tonight so praying they reply in the morning as we fly on 16th.


    Yeah that would be a great help thanks as mine was at belfast too! Although it was approved last night which is typical as nothing was mentioned about this kind of upgrade yesterday when having a meltdown, tried everything obviously just come to light today. I’m just worried as my sons got approved 29th march, and not printed until 4th April and coming tomorrow. Good luck with yours. Fingers crossed for you 🙏 🤞



    Please could you let me know the Belfast email address please?


    @prayingforpassport0422 I understand if you don’t want to post on here, I would be reluctant too as well. it’s ok I’ll call first thing in the morning to try and push it further, thanks anyway. Like everyone who has their own valid reason for wanting their holiday! What infuriates me is the lack of compassion! That said they will be under so much pressure atm! The system in which they process needs looked into. People have changed their holidays, lost holidays, lost loved ones etc. They should change the bold typical times on their website too. When I applied it said 4 weeks.
    After applying and a shitter of a time, like many others, my son (11) we found out he now needs heart surgery (wasn’t gonna post this) he’s ok to fly, asked the Dr who said it will do him the world of good to have a holiday for his mental health, come back and face things so how do I rebook when it’s unknown when we can. We’ve lived our lives unknowingly for years and hmpo couldn’t/wouldnt do anything to help, hense my breakdown yesterday.


    If its any help mine was approved on the 31st March and I got a text last night (06/04/22) saying passport printed. I go on holiday on the 22nd so it’s still not in my hand and tnt have reported s massive backlog so I’m still not out of the woods yet by a long shot.

    I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way possibly tp the tune of £1600, allow 10 weeks or don’t book unless you already have a passport, will not be leaving it late again.


    how much is this upgrade service?


    Hi. I haven’t had any response from the email and have heard nothing from the passport office. I am giving them another couple of hours then will ring again. Not sure how much the upgrade service is. Has anyone else had any joy?


    Hi does anyone know what we would need to do to use the upgrade service? Thanks in advance.


    I’ve sent the email to the upgrade team yesterday afternoon with all travel documents as we are going on the 16th of april. I’ve had no reply so far but advice line told me that they’ll reply within 48hrs…. Have anyone had reply from them or a call back within the advised 48hrs??? Are they working jn the office over the weekend ir its just the advice line?

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