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    Application submitted 31st March 2022
    Missed a business trip last week because no passport.
    Holiday in less than 20 days.
    Applied for passport 67 days ago.

    Who else thinks this is utterly disgusting.

    Peterborough Passport Upgrade only dealing with requests who have proof they are flying in 7 days time.
    Ignoring my emails and letters. Also Phone calls not helping.

    Set to lose now about £800 + lost business work. They said 4-6 weeks when I applied in March.


    Update on timescale for my baby’s first passport:

    30/04/22 – Application Submitted
    30/04/22 – Ask someone to confirm identity
    30/04/22 – Email sent
    30/04/22 – Identity details received
    30/04/22 – Application received
    16/05/22 – Documents Received (actually sent next day on 03/05/22)
    02/06/22 – Application Approved

    Just waiting on print and dispatch now I believe! Fingers crossed it’s here soon.

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    Having been really organised and received a child renewal from Bootle office in 3 weeks app to receipt a friends dog (slightly) damaged my daughters passport as it came through the letterbox. Although post office etc told me that it is probably fine I thought the safest thing to do was replace it as I had exactly 10 weeks and thought timescales may be the same….. It appears that Peterborough is a completely different kettle of fish?!?!?!

    Application submitted 9:03am on 29 April 2022
    Application received 9:48am on 29 April 2022
    Identity details received 9:48am on 29 April 2022
    Documents received 2:17pm on 13 May 2022

    Due to travel 8th July and now just tumbleweed……….

    Can anyone add any good news stories from Peterborough passport office?


    watching this as on similar timelines – my docs received 13th May and heard nothing since.
    I have a bit longer before travel but am getting a bit worried now after looking on here.
    Hope you get some joy soon


    My docs received May 6th for first UK adult and since nothing, not in processing just no movement. Applied 25th April, it`s very frustrating when you see other people who applied later but have been approved. There does not seem to be any order to it.


    Adult passport renewal application – sent expired passport, deed poll and bank statement (changed spelling of surname) on 25th April 1st class recorded. It was signed for 26th May! Marked as received 5th June.

    I need my passport as I’m giving my notice of marriage (can’t use birth cert as proof) in 2 weeks. Is this a valid reason to request an upgrade?

    Application history
    Documents received	9:37am on 5 June 2022
    Application received	12:13am on 24 April 2022
    Application submitted	12:13am on 24 April 2022

    If you don’t need your passport for travel within the next 2 weeks then I don’t think you will be able to upgrade. I believe its only available if you are traveling abroad within 2 weeks or if you have been waiting 10 weeks from when the documents were marked as received. I think you can only get an urgent upgrade for compassionate reasons. The advisors are useless but when I phoned them the 2nd time they did put me in for a call back which i got 24 hours later and they were much more helpful. Might be worth requesting a call back as they would be able to give you a better answer.



    I submitted my application on May 12th and had my passport back in under a month on June 7th.

    Type: adult renewal

    Passport printed 4:59am on 2 June 2022
    Application approved 11:15am on 31 May 2022
    Documents received 3:55pm on 25 May 2022
    Application received 8:30pm on 12 May 2022
    Application submitted 8:30pm on 12 May 2022

    I hope this puts some people’s minds at ease as I was regularly checking this forum too!


    Your timeline is very similar to my application for a child’s first passport at Peterborough. I I applied online very late on 28th April, Documents received 13th May (actually
    signed for on 3rd),application approved 31st May & passport delivered at 6.30pm this evening!
    I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence but the documents received & passport approved updates both happened after I had called to check what was happening & why the application hadn’t progressed in the tracker – we are travelling on the 19th so I’ve actually made a few calls chasing it up as I was getting really anxious. I was told completely different things each time I called from the documents haven’t been scanned on yet to it’s waiting to be examined but on those 2 dates I was put down for a call back as the people that answered on those occasions were apparently not the right ones to help me? I’m not sure if that prompted someone to do something or it’s just sheer coincidence? But I’m feeling really relieved to finally have it. The application didn’t update beyond passport printed either, I only found out it was down for a delivery today after checking the TNT tracker with my PEX no last night as someone else on this forum said they’d done previously.
    I’d definitely chase it up… good luck!

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    Could you please tell me what number to call at the Peterborough office to actually talk to a human? Option selection etc..

    Many thanks


    Received my first British Passport back on 3 May, but still waiting for my Supporting documents – had a call from HMPO yesterday who said “they’re probably in a pile waiting to be sent” – they have 2 x passports and a naturalisation document – is anyone else in the same boat? The webchat told me they’ve been marked as “sent” but they can’t provide me with a tracking number, despite having paid for one.

    So beyond frustrated at the lack of care and attention to my foreign documents.


    Timeline for adult passport renewal
    Application submitted 28th April
    Documents received 12th May
    Approved 16th May
    Printed 18th May

    This is one of 5 applications for my family, third one received but all at different offices



    This has been an absurd amount of time, it is the 21st of June as of when I’m writing this and I still haven’t got anything back but the kind words of “we are still processing your application”. When I first applied I made them aware of me needing to travel abroad on the 28th of June (1 Week away!!) and got told I would get my passport by April latest, its been over 6 months since I’ve applied and have called numerous times and all I gotten back is they cant do anything about it or that I’ll get a callback which would eventually have nothing done about it. I was given the email to faster process my application on the 16th of June and told it would take 48 hours to get a reply back; of which I still haven’t gotten back. I have lost all hope. I have no clue of what to do anymore.

    Documents received – 17 January 2022
    Application received – 11 January 2022
    Identity details received – 11 January 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity – 11 January 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity – 11 January 2022
    Application submitted – 11 January 2022


    Update: it did have Application being processed – 24 January 2022, but has been removed around a week ago


    @totalarthur, that’s totally absurd that they haven’t yet got it sorted for you! Have you requested to speak to management? I believe they can see more detail than the general advisors (they know nothing at all and make stuff up, they don’t appear to be able to get help from anyone senior whilst on a call, so they just make a guess!)

    We were told they were processing the upgrades in flight departure order, so my husband got his call 36 hours before departure.

    I never got my upgrade call.

Viewing 15 posts - 541 through 555 (of 582 total)
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