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    @LisaH I’m on a similar timeline to you, with Durham too. Are they the slowest? I started on 30th June and they only changed the status to processing yesterday. I called the office and was basically told there is nothing they can do, there is no way to speed the examination process up. They’re literally being paid to tell you exactly what you can see on the website with no reassurance whatsoever. I’m now panicking if the photo was OK etc.
    I’m tried the twitter option, joined twitter specifically to message them as others have but there’s been no response.


    My child renewal is in its way. Been packing like mad. Only applied on 11th July. Please try not to despair like I did. Panic over!!! Confirmation of receipt of the old one took a while but then it’s all gone through in one day


    Our time frame was 20 days. No chasing, no messages or call, neither involving with our MP. We let it flow, I think HMPO is running slightly normal. Good for them.

    Our timeline for Peterborough Office:

    Passport printed and sent *:44pm on 23 July 2020
    Application approved *:41pm on 22 July 2020
    Application being processed *:09pm on 20 July 2020
    Documents received *35pm on 13 July 2020
    Application received *:20am on 2 July 2020
    Identity details received *:20am on 2 July 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity *:04am on 2 July 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity *:52am on 2 July 2020
    Application submitted *:52am on 2 July 2020


    @gemmadc seems to be really variable at Durham. I’ve tweeted and direct messaged and they’re ignoring me! Really stuck, seems to be little point ringing. We don’t have a holiday booked, I think that’s the problem – although we were counting on going next week. Looking highly unlikely now.


    I’ve sent them proof of my holiday but they said they cannot provide any guarantees and they want to know when it was booked. Does it actually make a difference if you booked it recently?


    It took ages for them to say the documents were received but my worry is all the people that waited almost 4 weeks for the approval. I keep worrying about the photo not being good enough as it took tonnes of takes for my 6 year old to stop being silly. If the photo is rejected and you have to send another, do they check it straight away? I’ve felt sick ever since I heard of the delays and can’t think of anything else.

    Application being processed
    10:30am on 22 July 2020
    Documents received
    6:30pm on 16 July 2020
    Application received
    6:54pm on 2 July 2020
    Identity details received
    6:53pm on 2 July 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity
    9:57pm on 30 June 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity
    9:54pm on 30 June 2020
    Application submitted
    9:54pm on 30 June 2020


    Jemadc yes it does matter if booked prior to March they will escalate it if not they won’t as they say you shouldn’t of booked without a passport


    @jamesd1974 but some of the holidays booked before March were done before they had renewed their passport. I renewed the passport once I knew holidays could go ahead. I then found a holiday and booked it thinking there would be enough time for it to be back, particularly as it was just a renewal.
    The government are wanting us to all start spending again, including on the travel industry so that needs to include dealing with passports.

    So do I have no chance of it being escalated?


    If u booked before March then they say that was enough time to get it back 5 months so is ok they say if you book now before having a passport then that’s a chance you take as it says on the web passports are taking longer than normal and not to book until u have it


    I may have if it’s a agile as there pretty quick most of the time
    But I have to send them evidence of booked holiday pre Covid and they said to me they carnt escalate it unless I prove that


    Hello all, my daughters passports were printed in the 22nd how long does it take to actually have them delivered? What company delivers them? Going away next week and I start to worry now as they are in their way but I do t actually have them🥺


    2-3 days


    I’ve had an email to say my son’s renewal is being dealt with at Liverpool now, despite sending the documents to Durham.

    Then I’ve had another email as follows:-
    We are sorry that it is taking longer than usual to process your application due to COVID-19. If we don’t need any further information to progress your application, you should receive your passport within 4 weeks.

    I fly in 3 weeks so that is no good! I was getting replies on Twitter but now I’m not. I’ve provided proof of the holiday and other than waiting a week, until we are in the 2 week urgency period, I don’t know what else to do.

    If they check the application and the photo is not good enough, are you able to send another urgently and them check it on the day or does the process start again?

    I’m so worried. It certainly takes the excitement of going on holiday, away.


    You can ask it to be escalated when within 2 weeks of travel they won’t u TIL then but once your within 2 weeks they will issue it within 5 days


    Ref photo if they reject u send another and if that’s ok usually it will go to passport issued within a day as the photo is the last stage and no it didn’t start the application again

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