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    I am still waiting for my sons passport since 30th June. They sent his supporting documents back but no passport. Sent me a text saying he has now reached interview stage yet he had already attended an interview. So confused. Has this happened to anyone else?


    So frustrating Ali, I’ve also had a standard Twitter response but they’ve not out date of travel on, not sure if I told them.
    I’ve cancelled our holiday and looking to rebook as soon as I hear something but as I work in a school I’m restricted on dates.
    We can hope!


    Any news Suzanne? On the Twitter thing quite a few people have had notice of approval 18 days after submission of application.


    No Ali, nothing yet but they have put my date of travel on the application now and I’m keeping hopeful. Seems Peterborough is one of the longest processing times


    I’m in the same boat now. Booked our flights to visit family and then realised my son’s passport had less than 6months on it.
    Sent it off straight away we are meant to be flying this Sunday but the application isn’t even approved yet.

    Documents received 30 July 2021
    Application received 26 July 2021
    Identity details received 26 July 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 26 July 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 26 July 2021
    Application submitted 26 July 2021

    nail-biting stuff. Hoping for a miracle but not feeling terribly optimistic right now 🙁


    Hi, we are in the same position, desperate to fly to see my wifes father who lives in Lanzarote who we havent seen for 20 months. We have already postponed by two weeks and now due to fly on 13th August.

    We submitted an application on 12th July for my son and wife. Docs and everything marked as received on both on 14th July. Over the course of 28th July my sons updated to be processed. My wifes however bypassed that to application completed then a few hours later to being posted and received the next day. Nearly 2 weeks on again and my sons is unchanged.

    I could almost rationalise matters if my wifes was also still outstanding (hers went to peterborough and his to glasgow), I just cannot understand the time lapse on standard renewals. I would have thought that the passport agency must have the ability to have electronic applications dealt with at any office and can turn the tap on and off to ensure that all offices are working to an even flow. It seems bizarre that one can be turned around in 14 days and another get nowhere in 28 days.

    Hope is beginning to fade now and it maybe my wife and daughter go for a long weekend towards the end of our holiday period.


    dt1901 – really feel for you. we are in exactly the same situation (child renewal) where we have had to travel at last minute and the premium service was no good as the first appointment was 2 days after we are due to fly. So we just resorted to using the standard process and hoping it will come in time.

    It does appear that child renewals and first passport applications take a lot longer to process than adults. We a friend that got her (adult) renewal done in 2 days – 4 days to receive it from Peteborough office. I think it could be because there maybe a few more things to check like the child has mother/father with current passports and the very fact that are probably many more child renewals as they expire every 5 years rather than 10 years.

    I know this isn’t helping and I am sorry you are going through this. I genuinely believe the passport office are working as quickly as they can but I do question the way they prioritise but maybe they just don’t prioiritise and they strictly work on a first come first served basis (which, to be honest, probably is the fairest and most efficient way of working otherwise they will be all over the place stopping one application to start another which is deemed more priority).

    My only advice would be to contact them via twitter and explain the situation – I wouldn’t start demanding anything but be kind and explain the urgency and they may be able to help. They said to us that they would put the travel date on the application but just said it could take upto 10 weeks and offer no further timeframes to get this completed. It seems almost all standard renewals are being done within 3-4 weeks but the question is, will it be in time for your travels which is worrying us.

    Really hope it works out for you.


    Hi all.
    Finally good news. Application moved to approved at 10:01 last night! Hopeful delivery will come tomorrow; we fly on Friday.


    Has anyone got around same time frame that’s moved on from processing? -Peterborough office

    Application history
    Application being processed 8:43am on 30 July 2021
    Documents received 6:37pm on 29 July 2021
    Application received 9:31pm on 26 July 2021
    Application submitted 9:30pm on 26 July 2021


    This is my time frame and there is no consistency at all – I’ve now given up as due to travel on Saturday and I have spoken to the office and whilst they have been lovely and understanding there is little they can do
    Application being processed 8:28am on 11 August 2021
    Documents received 1:52pm on 28 July 2021
    Application received 3:19pm on 25 July 2021
    Identity details received 3:19pm on 25 July 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 3:10pm on 25 July 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 12:08pm on 25 July 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 12:04pm on 25 July 2021
    Application submitted 12:04pm on 25 July 2021


    Thanks, Nigel, I am sure they are working hard I just find the inconsistency baffling. My wifes and sons sent same time and hers has been back here 2 weeks now.

    Our timeline is this-

    12th july- application submitted
    12th july- ask someone to verify
    12th july- verified
    14th July – doc received
    28th July- application processing

    This is at Glasgow. Looking at the above there’s consistency in that it was 2 weeks between docs received and processing. We have bow been processing for 16 days. We are due to fly tomorrow, though have a credit note on flights so nothing actually booked. I have to be back in work by 25th August, so if it comes by 18th/19th August we can still get some sort of trip, however, my hopes are fading!


    That’s true about the two weeks to processing. We are just not one of the lucky ones that went straight to approved and when I’ve asked on the phone the team I spoke to just said they ‘are not briefed on the process so cannot comment’ apparently there are so many different systems they use.
    They can’t answer why I received a further text/email to say my docs had been received 2 weeks after they were.
    I’m the same as need to be back in work.
    Fingers crossed for us all


    Suzianne- funnily enough, our docs were confirmed as received on 14th July then on 28th July we had a further e-mail to say docs received again, then our status turned to processing, whilst at the same time my wife’s went straight to application processed, passport printing, passport sent, all in 4 hours on same day. We just assumed my sons would follow suit and be with us comfortably by now!

    I don’t know what i’ll do with myself when I no longer have this application status to check and refresh all day long!!!


    So that is exactly the same as our application then! I’m a good couple of weeks behind you so I think I’ll be looking at a holiday in October now!
    I keep saying I’m not going to spend my day checking but still do, just in case!


    Well there seem to be plenty of inconsistencies regarding timings so I am not convinced it’ll flow quite like that. Office location appears to be a big factor, which I find bizarre as these days geography isn’t important. I am surprised that applications waiting aren’t just sat on a centralised portal and they are picked off in submission date order by the next available agent regardless of where they are sat. Whilst my docs went to Glasgow they and my application are scanned onto the system so anyone, anywhere can process it.

    Yes, we are very much eyes on October half term now sadly.

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