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    Thanks Fingernails (great name!). That’s reassuring as I’m Liverpool and it does seem a common theme this week of the update after 3 weeks. They received my daughters passport on the 16th so really hoping for an update this week! Fingers crossed for your other passport – shame they can’t just group family applications together. It’s so much stress isn’t it


    That’s great Summer Sun, good that the photo was sorted quickly too. Ours should be here in next couple of days, so relieved!


    Hey everyone,

    In a bit of a tricky situation. Travelling with my 5 year old for half term, all booked for the 25th.

    Passport application was made by his mother who lives in Essex – I live in London so no idea which office it would have been sent to, any clues?

    Also, last time I heard from her was that they messaged on the 25/9 saying they had received all the documents. I’m hearund around 15 days or so from there, is this likely?

    Of course the passport office can only provide the generic upto 10 weeks. Getting really nervous 🙁


    Hi Fingernailsgone, Have you had any updates on the peterborough renewal?

    I too had my childs renewal sent to this office.

    Application started on the 15th sept, Documents received on the 25th.

    No change since then. Im currently on the phone waiting to see if i can get anywhere with it.

    (we fly on the 21st)


    Hey jcp1,

    I did write a reply this morning but it’s not been published for some reason.

    We received approval yesterday for the oldest daughters one!!. It was printed and sent the same day & should be with us tomorrow. Buzzin!!!!

    That’s three weeks to the day that Peterborough received her old passport, just exactly the same as the youngest daughter & the Liverpool office.

    I really hope this gives you all hope. This has been one of the most stressful waits of our life’s as you stand to lose so much, Surely this system need to be looked but lesson’s will be learned

    Wishing luck


    Thanks Fingernails! That lands me on this saturday for processing. I sure hope that is the case as any later and we might have to pull the trigger on a canceled holiday..

    Whatever happens its going to be close though lol.

    Congratulations on your result! and do reply when you have the passport in hand so we can know if 2 day postage is a reality?




    Hi Jamie/jcp1
    If yours gets processed tomorrow will you let us know please? We’re one day behind you, docs received by Bootle 26/09/21, half the family are travelling out as intended this Sunday, my daughter and I will miss the start of the holiday waiting for her renewal to arrive and will get a cheap flight out as soon as possible to catch the last part of the holiday, I’m hoping based on other’s timelines we might be ok by Wednesday…


    I’ve just had a notification through to say our application has been approved, now the wait to see how long it takes for printing and postage, does anyone know if there’s anything I can do to collect it from the passport office tomorrow rather than waiting on the post?

    holding my breath

    This is so nerve wrecking I need to understand do they work from the date they receive the old passport or from the date the application was done.

    holding my breath

    the ugh feeling is manifesting. Docs received on 28th September (old passport). Application record on 20th September

    Travelling on 26th October. What are chances guys


    Holding my breath, I think you may, just be ok as you’re 2 days behind me, mine was printed and sent to tnt yesterday, same day as approved and apparently I should have it no later than Wednesday?🤞
    I did ring up the passport office before it said it was printed to see if they could divert the print to local rather than central which means I would have been able to collect it but apparently that request needed to be made prior to approval so it may be worth putting a phone call in now to see if you can get someone understanding who’ll divert the print for you? Best of luck x


    As far as I can tell whatever date you made the application online you should have the passport back within the month. Unless they lose yours…like they’ve done with mine x


    I am so frustrated! Time line for Durham. Go away on the 24th.
    How did you find out your was lost?

    Application being processed 3:44pm on 5 October 2021
    Documents received 3:30pm on 10 September 2021
    Application received 3:12pm on 5 September 2021
    Identity details received 3:12pm on 5 September 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 2:40pm on 5 September 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 7:36pm on 4 September 2021
    Application submitted 7:36pm on 4 September 2021


    Starting to feel
    Really unwell now with the stress. I’m suppose to be taking my niece away as her dads died recently to cheer her up.
    No one will help me from the passport service. How do I know if they have lost the passport as heard this is more common than you think. My dad sons renewal they lost his birth certificate which was really upsetting! I feel beyond frustrated and helpless!!

    holding my breath

    Thank you, feel a little less tense. I’m going to give them till Tuesday and call them.
    I can’t pick it up from their office but if push comes to shove will have to sort something out, I might just call tomorrow to see if they can print it locally.
    Please keep us updated.
    And I pray they haven’t lost it. Literally can’t handle that.

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