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    For our child’s renewal:
    Applied 15 September
    Documents received 25 sept
    Approved 15 October (bang on 20 days)
    Received in the post 18 October.
    Sibling’s documents were received at Liverpool 24th and that one is awaiting the examiner still.


    Hi there, I hope you don’t mind me asking what supporting documents did you send? I only sent my daughters old passport that’s all. I hope nothing else is needed!


    Depends on what sort of application it is. My husbands renewal, only the old passport was needed. For my sons first child passport, birth certificate was needed and someone needed to confirm his identity. When I had to change my name on my passport, my marriage certificate was needed.


    Hi,just the old passport for our sons renewal. Our 20 days will be Friday from documents received so hoping it’s the case for us.. I will update on here


    Same here.
    10 year olds Daughters renewal. Had the email link for someone to verify identity which they did the same day. Then sent old passport to Durham.
    That was registered on their site as being received on 5 Oct. Though actually they had it on 29 Sep.
    Monday will be 20 days on from 5 Oct. Next week is half term so I’m hoping by start of November the passport will be ready.

    They updated the site yesterday to still say it takes six weeks.


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    Online adult renewal here. I sent my old passport recorded delivery 22 Sep, but my documents weren’t showing as received until 29/9 and my application status wasn’t updated to ‘processing’ until 1 Oct.

    Called the number member Liane888 provided (thank you by the way) but the lady could only say ‘up to 10 weeks’ and didn’t even offer to put a note on my file.

    I have a new job in the civil service and need to prove my identity for the pre employment checks. Start date is mid November so I’m getting very worried now.

    Hope everyone else’s arrives quickly!

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    We had no verify stage, only application submitted, application received then document received.


    Usually this means you’re in a digital queue…..when you get the update ‘application being processed’ it’s in a normal, standard queue.
    We were told it’s quicker when you’re in the digital queue….not sure how true this is though……


    Update on my sons renewal. Today it has changed to application approved, as mentioned in earlier correspondence that is 20 days from documents received. I think the next stage is they send it out so maybe within the week. Others have been only days from this stage.


    JMI101 – Woohoo – ours got approved on a Friday and ours were delivered on the Monday!


    Hi Guys,

    This is my application progress, Hope this helps anyone that is concerned.

    Application history

    Application approved 3:53pm on 25 October 2021
    Documents received 7:45am on 6 October 2021
    Application received 1:13pm on 27 September 2021
    Application submitted 1:12pm on 27 September 2021

    I was worried as it was never logged as “Processing” but it’s gone straight to approved. They have advised they are printing it and should ship soon.

    Does anyone know how long it takes from being approved to being sent?



    CDSON2021 – usually the next day


    Hi, update on my last post. Our sons passport arrived today and was posted through our door from Royal Mail. They did not even ring our bell so please be aware of this if you have pooches that like to chew. So from been approved on Friday to been delivered today for anyone at that stage. Thanks to everyone won this forum who shared there timelines as that was our only hope. Wish everyone the best of luck on receiving your one.


    An update from me my passports were printed Friday and delivered on Tuesday 🙂 I missed the 4pm collection on Friday as they were printed after that so they were sent on Monday at 4pm

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