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    So, I’ve had another night feeling incredibly edgy. We’ve all paid min £80 for a service with an indeterminate completion date.

    Submitted Adult renewal online on 26th June. On 6th July, tracker registered old passport received. (1 week after signed for).

    Am I missing the point entirely, or is it now simply….

    1.) Review scan of old passport photo versus online application photo
    2.) Is this woman the same person, 10 years older? Check
    3.) Photo still horrible, as per 10 years ago? Check
    4.) Press button to authorise passport printing and post it
    5.) End of process.

    Even my teenagers could do the job (if they could make it out of bed).



    Adult renewal with a change of name (marriage cert posted) sent to Durham office

    20/06 applied online
    22/06 sent old passport and marriage certificate
    23/06 received at Durham
    29/06 documents logged as received
    30/06 processing
    01/07 approved and sent for print
    03/07 passport received
    08/07 still havent received my old passport or marriage certificate back


    Adult renewal
    Application Received 29/6/20
    Documents sent 30/6/20
    Documents Received 2/7/20 10.17am
    Application Approved 2/7/20 13.51pm
    Passport Printed and Sent 4/7/20 (Saturday)
    Blue passport received 8/7/20

    I also sent a child renewal on the same date nothing has been updated since 2/7/20 when they received the passport.


    @OwBrH Yes, I haven’t been on a plane or anything. the most out of the country for me has been Wales, and I live there now hah!


    @iwasworried i’d be interested to hear how you get on with your child renewal as i am on the same timeline as you. although my childs passport was signed for on 2 july it still isn’t displaying on the system as received.


    @iwasworried, that was so quick. Even for pre-March timelines! Did you call / phone / nag Durham at all, in order to get things moving?


    @charlie2566 I was just thinking how incredibly speedy that was as well. I’m still waiting for them to process my application, print and send it. It took 9 days for my documents to be registered on the system from delivery.


    I have just had a reply on twitter (i messaged them last thursday) saying they are taking longer to process the post and link to an application, i’m tempted to reply ask why some are only taking a matter of days whereas some are taking weeks!


    @gemski1 Exciting! Where are you going?

    I didn’t realise till now because I wasn’t texted/emailed but I’m not at processing stage…

    Application being processed 9:59am on 7 July 2020
    Documents received 11:08am on 2 July 2020
    Application received 8:26pm on 20 June 2020
    Identity details received 8:26pm on 20 June 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 8:15pm on 20 June 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 8:06pm on 20 June 2020
    Application submitted 8:06pm on 20 June 2020


    @OwBrH I am off to Crete, staying in Gouves. I’m so excited because my children are going to stay at their dads. My uni course doesn’t start for a week after I return from the trip, and they both begin school at the start of September so it’s perfect timing.

    How about you? I presume you have something booked? Sorry if you have previously stated, it’s hard to keep up at times. Mine wasn’t processing this morning but I think I will check again now, just in case! If not, this now puts you ahead of me! The race is on haha


    @OwBrH I’m still at “Documents received 7th July” it was updated about 6:30pm as well. Very peculiar time!


    @Gemski91 Sounds good! I hope you enjoy the flight as well as the holiday! I’m going to Italy where my partner’s parents live. I imagine part of the reason our timings may be different is because my application is for a child.


    @OwbrH ahh I see that could well be the reason! Oooh Italy! I’m very jealous! Have some beautiful pasta for me. I love Italian food!


    This is for a child renewal….

    Paper application sent via check and send 19/06
    Application received 03/07
    Application approved 07/07
    Passport printed sent 08/07
    Waiting to receive now

    Good luck everyone! i’m a happy guy because we go on holiday 31st of July…phew


    @dorianburger wow you flew through. AnXing. Enjoy your trip!

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