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    Thanks for the reassuring posts liv and 9prycer. I submitted mine 27th August, old passport received 6th sep then nothing.


    Application submitted 27th August
    Old passport received 6th September
    Approved, printed and sent 24th September
    Received 27th September


    This is my renewal from Peterborough
    Submitted 3rd Sept
    Documents received 10th
    APPROVED 30th Sept
    Printed and sent 1st Oct

    So hopefully with me Monday which will be just over 4 weeks


    My partners renewal

    Application submitted 7/9
    Documents Received 15/9

    And then nothing…
    Travelling on the 8/10. Do you think we have a chance?


    Ooh that is super tight…I reckon you’ll be processed on the 5th and then posted the next day so if its a week day you might get it 7th or 8th if lucky. So stressful isn’t it. We were supposed to go tomorrow but had to cancel and postpone to November. I wish you luck!


    So stressful! It’s a big family holiday and our Nieces first passport was applied for after his but approved before! Seems to be no rhyme or reason. Hopefully we will receive the dates you stated and then he can join us a couple of days later. The application doesn’t state it’s in the processing queue but when I phoned on Monday they said it was being processed…confused.

    Hope your holiday in November is spectacular


    For some reason, my application is taking longer than other people’s:

    Application being processed 3:53pm on 27 September 2021
    Documents received 9:04am on 5 September 2021
    Application received 7:48am on 29 August 2021
    Application submitted 7:47am on 29 August 2021

    I’m pleased for the other people who have received theirs, but it’s frustrating that my application was submitted before others and I’ve yet to receive my passport.


    Hi All,

    I think it best to give them a call. We tried to call evenings and that seemed pointless, over 45 mins wait each time then they hung up on us. Tried mid-morning and was on the phone for 2 hours then got through to someone. Just be prepared with every single question you can think of!!

    Application submitted 09/09
    Documents Received 16/9

    Told everything was correct and passed the “first stage” – whatever this meant??

    “best to give them a call in 2-3 weeks if not heard anything.

    Flying to Iceland 18th November. hoping to see it come back back by the end of next week so I can check in early.


    Hurrah!!! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I spoke to a call handler yesterday after 90 min waiting time and today the passport renewal application has been reviewed by a passport officer and approved. I cried with relief. Hang on in there folks.


    That’s great news – what were your dates between app submitted, docs received and approval?


    Still no update on my side. The status is ‘Application being processed’. It’s been like that since 27th September.


    Here is a timeline of my son’s renewal (2nd passport):

    Passport printed and sent 1:36pm on 29 September 2021
    Application approved 11:09am on 29 September 2021
    Documents received 10:25am on 3 September 2021
    Application received 9:48am on 27 August 2021
    Identity details received 9:47am on 27 August 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 1:04pm on 26 August 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 10:45am on 26 August 2021
    Application submitted 10:45am on 26 August 2021

    Pasting here because I thought this website and its contributors were really beneficial.

    From online application start to the passport in my hand was 36 days. However, my application had a mistake (wrong date of birth of parent) which I was notified about in email on the 21st of September so I had to send in supporting documentation. This delayed my application by a week and I had no idea if my supporting documentation would be accepted. All of sudden, I received an email that my renewal was approved and it was being printed within a few days. If the error hadn’t occured, then I think I would have turned the renewal around in 26 days but the error added at least 8 calendar days delay.

    In summary, leave plenty of time. At least 35 days because there is no guarantee you submit a perfect application!

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    Im on day 33 now on waiting passport – bar one passport!! due to go on holiday on Sunday 17th with as it stands leaving my partner at home. Online application completed, literally been at a standstill no update since 22nd Sept!
    Rang over 10x to passport offices, and completed all emails re enquiry. to be told, “you’ve just got to wait it out” – first lady i spoke to reduced me to tears with her horrible manner and “nothing i can do attitude!” 2nd lady call back was really nice, said she couldn’t promise anything but sent an email to peterborough. Even wrote on twitter for a helping hand they responded but nothing further with an answer!
    cant pay for the upgrade to drive and collect 6 hour round trip, can cancel my application, cant report as lost – they wont give me any of the details of the old passport which they have recieved,
    my stress levels are through the roof – anxiety is at a new level!
    annoyingly – sons renewal came back within 10 days but partners hasnt moved and 1st lady stated – doesn’t matter if your all from the same house and send them at the same time they are all dealt with differently

    going on holiday for a wedding with 29 others and just one with no passport!!
    anyone got any ideas or suggestions or numbers or emails i can call!!


    I can’t help you directly but just to say there are many in your position and some worse.

    I haven’t seen my 4 year old twins for a 6 weeks because they are with their mother in another country. Earlier in the year it took less than 14 days to get a passport for a family member so I stupidly assumed it would be the same now. I was supposed to be back with my family long ago but I’m stranded without a passport.

    I’m not joking but when I go to sleep I start dreaming about how they manage 10,000 (my estimate) of old passports arriving at their office every day. I drift off thinking about giant boxes filled to the top with hand written special delivery and tracked letters containing old passports and birth certificates and how they manage so many.

    A total guess is they have some kind of physical first-in-first-out system of documents taking up enormous space. Once your old passport has gone into that system nobody could retrieve it to make it go any faster because there are literally a million or two old passports there. Until your old passport eventually makes it to the front of the queue its not going anywhere and that would explain why that can’t return old passports to people quickly when they realise they should have applied fast track.

    Probably all rubbish but it keeps my brain from worrying. Buy yes the whole situation is bloody terrible.

    desperate ellie

    Hello I can’t tell you how many times we desperately checked this forum. Passport application submitted 9th September , old passports sent that day, confirmation of receipt 20th September . I had made a mistake and sent my twins passports to the same office I never for a moment imagined I’d be given 2 separate places to send them to, and only realised my mistake 5 days later. We chased a few times due to fly 14th October, apparently noted on file. No update until 11th October both applications approved. 12th October both printed, TNT tracker number sent due for delivery 13th October at 16.30 that day the delivery changed to the 14th my husband had called TNT 4 times sent proof of flights, asked to go and collect and he was refused the passports arrived 14th October 45 mins before our flight we ended up spending an additional. £850 on flights. Good luck to all those waiting it’s painful

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